Chelsea began climbing in 1998 with her father at a local climbing gym (Atlanta Rocks) in Atlanta, Georgia.  She was hooked immediately and joined a youth climbing team and began competing all within the first month.  She has since competed in over 100 competitions and has traveled to Europe and Asia to compete at the world level.

2011 IFSC Bouldering World Cup, Vail, CO

While Chelsea loves competition, she really enjoys climbing outdoors too.  She finds climbing on rock to be peaceful and it helps keep her motivation high.  Her favorite type of rock to climb on is sandstone and superb limestone.  She also enjoys bouldering on granite in alpine areas.

Chelsea loves teaching kids how to climb and is currently coaching a local climbing team through Movement Climbing + Fitness in Boulder, Colorado.  She graduated from the University of Colorado in December of 2010 and is planning on attending graduate school to pursue her doctorate in physical therapy in about a year.  In the mean time though, she will continue to pursue climbing and push her own limits as well as continue to coach.

Aside from climbing, Chelsea enjoys being the mountains hiking or running with her dog, Puma.  She loves traveling and enjoys playing scrabble.



2 responses to “About

  1. Have you put any thought into bolting your own 1st assecents? I’ve been doing for years on the front range and love it:). And if you would ever like to check out 3 Sister in Co I can show you a few projects you might love to put away. Love your work so far! Keep up the enthusiasm. -Luke Childers

    • I really haven’t put much thought into bolting, but it’s something I think I’d really enjoy doing. Also, I’d love to come check out 3 Sisters and do some climbing with you! When is the best season for that area?

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