King’s Crown

Ceuse sits on top of a hill like a king’s crown.  It’s a demanding crag.  There’s a big hike everyday you want to climb.  It’s an old school crag that was bolted with a unique ethic…less is better.  Twenty foot run-outs on vert or less than vert routes are the norm here.  It can be a frustrating area from a variety of aspects, but I can’t seem to get enough and I’m not ready to leave.  We have three days left here unless we decide to extend our tickets…

Below are some photos taken by Keith Ladzinski.



Jon Cardwell is making great progress on Realization.



I’m giving a fitness burn on Carte Blanche after a perfect day.


Our dear little friend, a baby French Kestral, who we tried to rescue after he fell out of his nest.  We caught bugs and fed them to him, but unfortunately with all the veterinary clinics closed, he died most likely due to internal injuries from falling out of his nest.  He got a proper burial here under a cherry tree.


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