This is going to be a very quick post because I’m about to be on my way to Vail for the 2013 Go Pro Mountain Games to compete in the IFSC Bouldering World Cup.  It’s an awesome event put on by IFSC and USA Climbing and I feel privileged to be competing this year.

Bouldering is inherently much more difficult for me than sport climbing because of the raw power that is needed…I think I’m more of an endurance type of athlete, but I enjoy bouldering tremendously.  I believe it helps me with my sport climbing, which is one reason why I train and compete in bouldering.

After the SCS Nationals this year I traveled to Joe’s Valley with Jon Cardwell for a week of escape and some sandstone bouldering.  It was a perfect trip, but I woke up one morning with terrible neck pain.  Unfortunately it’s only gotten worse over time and I’ve started having numbness and tingling in my thumb.  I’ve seen a few people to try to get some relief and recovery for it, but still to no avail.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’ve continued to climb and train…

Except my training for this event, in all honesty, has been more limited that I would typically like for a competition of this caliber.  Part of that is solely due to the fact that I’ve been feeling a little burnt out on training on plastic…I’ve more or less been training non-stop since January and that can leave anyone feeling a little turned off by the thought of going into the gym and giving 110% effort most days of the week.  But part of my feelings of not wanting to train have come from my pain in my neck too.  There’s been days where I simply don’t want to grab onto anything because my neck hurts just simply sitting or walking around.

I considered pulling out of this competition because of whatever is going on with my neck/thumb and I was having doubts of my strength due to that, but I decided against it.  I must continue to believe that I am strong and I am ready both mentally and physically.  While I may not be the most powerful I’ve ever been for this competition, I’ve decided that I’m ok with that.  I love the thought that beginning tomorrow, I will be representing the US in this World Cup to the best of my ability.  It’s an honor and something a lot of people wish they had the opportunity to do themselves.  So I feel lucky to have this opportunity and I’m not going to let it go.  So despite what I place this weekend, I’m very excited for the challenges that lay ahead!

Plus…after this competition I am giving myself 3 full weeks of rest from climbing, which I am thoroughly looking forward to.

If you are unable to attend the Go Pro Mountain Games this weekend, make sure to tune in live here

Have a great weekend!


Photo by D.Scott Clark


One response to “Nerves

  1. Are you seeing any kind of therapist about your neck issues? I competed in Vail and Mina L-W also, and we have both had similar problems. I have gotten relief from AIT (Acupoint Injection Techniques – Acupuncturist) and IMS (Intra-Muscular Stimulation/Needling – Physiotherapist), and she has been seeing a Chiropractor that sponsors the British Team. Find me on Facebook if you want more info!

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