Outdoor Retailer 2013

I unpacked my bags from Boston and repacked my bags for Salt Lake City in one day.  I wanted to stay home longer before I went off yet again, but I was excited to go to the OR because I would be meeting the faces behind Adidas Outdoor, the company who recently took me under their wings.

I really had no idea what to expect- maybe a lot of tension (since its often a tense place to be), not a lot of talking time with my new sponsors, or even uptight meetings. But all that was quickly proven wrong to me, thankfully. In fact, I’ve never enjoyed an OR more than I enjoyed this one and its primarily because of the people at Adidas Outdoor.

The last few days were awesome; all filled with impromptu meetings, poster signings, laughter, dinner, wine and even a little bit of climbing. I’m happy to call the people, employees and fellow team members, at Adidas Outdoor family. The people that run the ship for the US (and also those from Germany) truly care about one another and truly care about their team. The people behind Adidas Outdoor really motivate me to continue to strive to be a better and more professional athlete and overall person.

We had a full team dinner last night and Larry, a great guy who used to run JanSport, called for a toast and requested that we all introduce ourselves and tell everyone 2 things we are most proud of. I wanted to truly say how proud I was to be involved with such an outstanding and truly caring company, but unfortunately we couldn’t repeat things that others had said. Our table was a multifaceted array of talent; the designers, the leaders, the adventurers, the athletes and the workers- I believe most, if not all of the 28 people sitting at the table, would have said how proud they are to be part of such a great team too.

And so, I look forward to the future with this company!!


First poster signing ever, thanks to Adidas

First poster signing ever, thanks to Adidas


Adidas sponsored the Inspiration Awards during the OR and Fred Beckey won! At 90 years old he’s still climbing in Joshua Tree & driving solo to Salt Lake City from Seattle! I hope to be as resilient as he is when I’m 90!


Introductions taking place at the Adidas dinner. Larry is using a fork as a microphone 🙂


Look! There’s my poster!


Such a great trip! Now I’m home and will be here for a few weeks training for ABS Nationals 🙂


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