Learning new things

The last couple weeks have been a time of rest and recovery for me.  It was much needed after two months of non-stop climbing and quite frankly a tough 2012.  So my R&R time has been spent with my mom at her house, where there’s no climbing to be done and instead an endless amount of time to try new things.  My mom lives on the side of a mountain in Pennsylvania, in a very small farming/Amish town called Ickesburg so the environment was perfect to disconnect for a bit.

ImageWhat’s become a tradition for my mom and I is to make home made caramel.  I’m unsure why we started making such a thing, but each year we’ve gotten better at the making and wrapping processes.  This year, we made gingerbread caramel and individually wrapped around 200 pieces.


Cook, pour, cool, cut and wrap lots of caramel


Individually wrapped caramel

My mom and I have also been experimenting with making homemade lotion from unprocessed shea, mango, avocado and cocoa butters.  It’s an interesting process and the end product feels wonderful on the skin.  We are still working on a recipe that has the perfect consistency and moisturizing properties.


Lotion ready to go!

We’ve also made homemade caramel popcorn (my grandmothers recipe) and raspberry, chocolate chip scones…all from scratch and kernels popped old school style…


Caramel popcorn


Grandmas recipe book, written in cursive


Raspberry chocolate chip scones

I’ve been teaching myself how to knit.  I want to learn how to make leg warmers because I love them so much during the winter months.  I also want to make head bands to keep ears warm during the winter.  Soon I will have some to give/sell once I hone in on my skills.



This has been the best way to spend my time of R&R…with my mom making and trying new things.  I’ve been tapping back into the little things in life that really make life special…so for the holidays and while I think of my new years resolution, I will keep focus on the small things, the things that don’t cost a lot of money, the things that make my heart sing 🙂

Happy Holidays!



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