The Red through Puma’s eyes

Where do I begin?

I believe I love the Red…mainly because I get to spend my days outside hiking around through the trees, chewing on sticks, digging in the dirt, chasing falling vibrant colored leaves, and sniffing (and potentially rolling in if my mom doesn’t catch me soon enough) for poo.  Oh yes, and I also get to growl and bark and all those people that think I’m still a puppy and don’t know that they need to squat down to my level first BEFORE they reach to pet me.  You know, what’s not to love about this place?!

I’m a pretty spoiled little dog.  My mom takes me climbing with her every single day and on her rest days, she even takes me into Lexington and makes sure she can find a coffee shop with outdoor seating for me.  I like rest days because I get to sit in her lap for hours while she types away on her computer.  I love her lap.  But lets get back to talking about climbing days, because those days are my favorite.


While I play around and sometimes make a ruckus at the cliff, I also have plenty of time to lay on my mom’s clothes and watch her climb.  She’s been climbing well on this trip, which makes her happy.  Before this trip, she had never ‘onsighted’ a 5.13 outside.  I’m not really sure why she hadn’t accomplished such a feat before, but maybe it got too much her in head.  Regardless, she was able to pull it off on her first day here at the Red.  I’ve been able to watch her onsight/flash the following hard routes:

  • Pushin’ Up Daisies 5.13c
  • Bohica 5.13b
  • Easy Rider 5.13a
  • Hoofmaker 5.13a
  • Convicted 5.13a
  • Fourty Ounces of Justice 5.13a

I can tell she’s excited about her accomplishments, but it’s also been tough on her mentally I think.  Not all routes of this grade are the same.  Some aren’t going to fit her style and sometimes she misreads a route and falls.  This gets my mom frustrated, especially if she falls when she’s not pumped and simply misread a sequence.  But I think she’s starting to let go and accept that the only way she’s going to get better at this is to keep trying hard.  To keep pushing herself and not let anything keep her down.


My mom has a couple projects, I believe she likes them and I can’t wait until she sends because then I may even get a celebratory chicken dinner…or I may get a split second while she’s celebrating to sniff out some poo and take a quick roll… 🙂

ImagePS. Sorry for the lack of climbing photos.  There will be some posted soon.


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