Freak Finger

Here’s the ABS Nationals wrap up:

I finished in 13th place.  It’s not something that I’m completely proud of considering my goal was to make it to finals (top 6).  However, I’ve come to realize (yet again) that some times competition days just aren’t your best days.  And I’m OK with that…it just motivates me to work even harder for the next competition.

Photo by Caroline Treadway

During the competition, I was battling a finger injury that I talked about briefly in my last blog post.  I think I spoke too soon to say that it was completely healed and ready for the comp.  Here’s my finger in a nut shell:  it undergoes spontaneous combustion, more or less.  I can pull on ANYTHING I want & it doesn’t hurt my tendon.  The only time it hurts when I’m climbing is if the pressure is directly on my main joint in my right ring finger.  And that is what sparks swelling and bruising 50% of the time.  And this is exactly what happened to me while warming up for semi-finals at ABS Nationals.  So as  you can imagine, my mind was pre-occupied while competing…wondering if my finger was completely going to blow up and I’d be screwed for a long time.  But luckily it didn’t as I was climbing cautiously for me.  So, the other 50% of the time when my finger swells and bruises is spontaneous.  It can happen while sitting in class, driving, etc.  It doesn’t have to be sparked by climbing or ANYTHING at all.  The bruising always surrounds my joint…And I feel like there’s no rhyme or reason to the pain.  For example, last week I did quite a bit of volume work on a rope.  It hurt and it swelled and it bruised.  Then for next two mornings, it was swollen to the max.  Then Monday, it was better.  I climbed, even more volume than the previous week, and it didn’t hurt.  Tuesday, I repeated and still no pain, swelling or bruising.  Today is a rest day.  I’m hoping it doesn’t randomly freak out on me, but I’m fully prepared for it to swell and bruise ‘just because’ I have a freak finger at the moment.  Regardless, I’m continuing training until something tells me to stop completely.  I’m playing it safe at the moment, but I’m also not really holding back on my training….

SCS Nationals are only 4 weeks away.  April 6-7 at Movement Climbing + Fitness in Boulder, Colorado.  You can volunteer or buy tickets to spectate at

I think it’s officially spring time in Boulder.  The weather has been amazing & it’s definitely making me happy inside.  I’ve been staying at a house in Nederland here and there trying to escape the hustle of Boulder and ground myself.  The above picture is a photo of the view.  It’s so peaceful and I find it inspiring.  It’s getting me psyched on future adventures, life and doing things that empower me!  I’ve even decided that I may begin to re-learn my french….

Aventures Heureuses 🙂


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