A little bit of everything

I have found a little bit of time to sit, think, reflect and write.  I find this time is sparse and hard to come by these days.  While this is true, I’m not complaining at the business of my life.  I find it to be continuously more fulfilling, enjoyable, and challenging.  On a day by day basis, I may find myself frustrated at the challenges I am presented with, but I know that these challenges and how I cope with them will and do make me a better/more knowledgeable person.

One of my challenges is school.  I graduated college from The University of Colorado Boulder in December 2010, but I’m back again.  Why, you ask?  I applied to graduate school to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy at Regis University.  I didn’t get in.  I believe I expected to get in because my GPA was good and my GRE results were above average.  There’s a couple reasons why I think I didn’t get in…but lets not dwell on my mistakes.  Instead, I find it better to focus on the things that I’m doing to improve my chances of getting in next time.  And that is why I am back in school.  I just so happen to be taking one of my least favorite classes…physics.  This is my biggest challenge with school…it’s not having to wake up and go to class, nor is it doing homework and studying…it’s physics and this semester is fully focused on physics because I’m also taking biomechanics.  My brain + physics = tough times.  But I’m getting through it and I will make an A in both classes.

The ABS National Championships are this weekend in Colorado Springs.  I have been training for a couple of months and I feel strong and ready to go.  A couple of weeks ago though I had a mental breakdown while trying to climb.  Really, I wasn’t put together mentally and this resulted in tears when I wasn’t climbing to my expectations.  So I realized I needed to take a step back and come back down to earth.  I’ve been physically training for this event for a long time, but I was neglecting the mental training aspect.  Needless to say, after some focusing & perhaps a slap in the face I feel back on track.   I know this because usually at this time, I feel nervous and perhaps an little anxious about an upcoming competition that means a lot to me.  But I don’t feel anxious at all…not this time.  I’m ready both physically and mentally.  And for an added bonus- my dad is coming to watch!

A week ago, I was climbing with Angie at The Spot.  It was a great day of climbing, but an hour and a half after I left the gym I noticed that my ring finger hurt.  I looked down and noticed it was starting to swell and turn blue.  I started panicking.  I iced it and took ibuprofen immediately with the hopes that it would just disappear and be back to normal in the morning.  No such luck though…it was still there in the morning and the coloring was worse.  My finger was a sausage (probably as fat as Jimmie Redo’s fingers if any of you have noticed what those sausages look like).  I reluctantly had to take a few days off from climbing to try to let it heal.  This was mentally taxing on me because I kept thinking “what if my finger is completely jacked,” “I have all these goals that I’m trying to accomplish and how do I do work towards them with a gimp finger,” etc., etc.  Just in the nic-of-time though, LifeSport Chiropractic invited me to be one of their athletes for 2012.  I made an appointment immediately to get my finger looked at with Dr. Lisa Erikson.  She worked her magic and in just over a week I’m back climbing with NO tape & it feels great!

The week before competitions, like I said, is usually somewhat stressful.  But not this time.  I will be and have been keeping myself busy climbing outdoors, eating yummy dinner with friends and watching the Bachelor (yes, I admit it I’m waiting for it to come on at this very moment…but it’s not my fault that I’m addicted now)……

Happy Monday-


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