I feel like the last couple of weeks I often can’t let my mind settle.  Do you know what I mean?  I am continuously thinking of the following:

  1. Preparing Team Sik Bird for their Regional Championship…and now they are moving onto their Divisional Championships next month.
  2. Waiting, thinking, writing letters and more waiting for things to begin to happen and fall into place for 2012.  Such things I’m referring to regard the possibility to getting into grad school a year from now as well as figuring out and solidifying my climbing plans/goals for 2012.

These are the two biggest things at the moment.  We’ll start with the possibility of grad school.

I want to get my doctorate in Physical Therapy.  I worked at one of the worlds’ best PT clinics in Vail in 2008.  This experience persuaded me to pursue the DPT program with the hope of either working with children OR traveling with professional sports teams as their team physio.  I’ve applied to 2 schools and I will find out this month if I’m invited for an interview.  For both schools of choice, about 800 applicants apply every year.  Of the 800 about 250 are invited for an interview.  Of those 250 interviewees, only 64-68 are accepted into the program.  So as you can imagine, I REALLY would like a letter to show up in my inbox tomorrow with an invitation for an interview.  I’m trying my hardest not to get my hopes up though.  Some of my really intelligent friends have not yet gotten accepted into grad school so I know that it is possible that I too will not be accepted on the first time around (although I really really hope that I am).  I am trying to be neutral about the whole topic:  If I get accepted, then GREAT!  But if I don’t, I can focus on my climbing for yet another year, which is also a positive thing.  But in all reality, this whole waiting process isn’t my favorite.

I'm waiting for some doors to open...

Now to coaching.  I love coaching for many reasons.  But most recently I’ve paid a lot of attention to the fact that coaching helps me keep my life in perspective.  While I think it’s stressful to wait to see if I will get into grad school or planning out my climbing plans/goals for 2012, when I am coaching none of that matters.  The only thing that matters is that I am giving my full attention to each kid.  Knowing that I give them my full energy when I’m with them helps increase the chances that I am making an impact on their lives.  Whether it’s helping them achieve their goals or just being there with open ears when they need a friend, it’s what I love to do.  When I’m coaching, I feel lucky to be given the chance to impact their lives, which makes my life more meaningful.

Coaching changes my perspective in life

Last weekend Team Sik Bird traveled to Ft. Collins for the Regional Championships.  We woke up at 5am and didn’t get home until 11pm….it was a very long day, but Team Sik Bird did AWESOME.  Every single of my athletes fought very hard.  They climbed smart and kept a good head on their shoulders.  I am a proud coach!!  Below are some photos taken of the comp:

Mini Sik Birds

Sik Birds having fun in isolation before Finals

Team Sik Bird Coach & route setter, Jon

Funky feet of Taylor, Team Sik Bird Coach

Jimmie & myself after Finals


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